Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fifthy Shades of Illusions

Apparently, and according to this article, women are demanding their men are more like Mr. Grey. Because, you know, it is perfectly normal for couples to have a sex contract detailing what will be and can be done before, during and after the act.

Also, as a female myself I want to denounce the fable of women having multiple orgasms. Is that even possible? I barely have one after almost making my husband pass out!
Hmmm… On that note, I once had a roommate from Spain who I think was multiorgasmic (is that a real word?). And I say I think because I never confirmed it by confronting the b.i.t.c.h. and asking her; I just assumed so from the noise and the never ending sighs that came out of her room when she was playing with herself.

Update: a quick Google search reveals that yes, in did, women are capable of multiple orgasms. But they are RARE and LOW in numbers.

Why did E.L James have to make up a character like that and ruin it for the rest of us women? And is her husband superman or something? I hate you.

Men, when you decide to stand up and sue E. L. James, let me know.


  1. Hah! Lucky girl then! :-P have you read all three novels?

    1. God no! I'm still reading the first one but I don't think I'll even finish it. Not my type of thing.

  2. Would we be enemies if I were to say most emphatically, "Yes, it's possible"? *Ahem*, lol. And now my lips are sealed ;) This book puzzles me. No, I haven't read it, but from everything I've heard (which has been a LOT because it practically flooded the book blogging world and Facebook and Twitter there for a while) how could women want a controlling and manipulative man like him? I really don't understand.

  3. Bahahaha I totally agree with you!! 150% I honestly refuse to read this book, I am perfectly happy with my boyfriend and everything that he does and I am not going to set ridiculous standards based on a character that is not even real.

  4. I read the fist one - it was crap, it made me wanna slap that girl upside down as for E. L. James's husband maybe she wrote Grey's character as a compensation for her husband's lack of performance in bed ;)