Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amelia Anne is dead and gone by Kat Rosenfield

Read the synopsis on Goodreads.

Is it possible not to like a book perfectly written? This book is superbly written. The prose just flows and the use language, similies, metaphors and any other figures of speech are brilliantly employed. Yet I was bored.

At 16% on my Kindle I abandoned the book and picked Fever. I, however, came back to it because after paying $10.99 on Amazon I wasn’t about to throw my money away like that (which in this case I just did). Also, a blog that I follow said that the story had an unexpected twist at the end. Unfortunately, I didn't see it. Since Amelia's character was introduced I pretty much figured how she'd die. Soooo... that twist just skipped my eyes.

The story is told  from two different POVsm Becca and Amelia. Becca is a forward girl who knows her priorities (finish high school and go to college). That is until a murder across town puts her in slow motion and “paralyzed her from moving forward for the first time in her life.” Then Becca’s story and that of the dead girl (and from the title you can pretty much guess that it is Amelia Anne, so no spoiler here) are told at intervals. Which is fine, if it wasn’t written so lyrical that it literally put me to sleep.

What I liked: James and his love for Becca and his fear of losing her. I totally relate to that and I think that in the same situation I'd do the same. Actually, I've done the same... :-(

What I didn’t like: Everything else! So many biting around the bushes to tell one darn thing! How many times can you read, and for that matter, in how many ways can you describe the smell of summer? I smelled it the first time just fine!

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  2. I went a bit rant-tastic in my review of this one because of that deplorable, god-awful, ridiculous ending. I said nearly the same thing about the over use of descriptions! I think the first sentence of my review was something like "Amelia Anne is dead and gone but she obviously left her thesaurus behind"