Friday, July 20, 2012

The Color of Snow by Brenda Stanley

Read the synopsis on Goodreads.

Unfortunately, this is another one of those books that start promising but fail to hold my interest until the end.
Note: I did not finish reading this book because it was boring me to sleep! I dropped it at 53% on my Kindle.

That said, in The Color of Snow, Sophie has lived with her father away from the world. He’s told her that she’s cursed and that her contact with the world would just put people in danger. Then one day something happened and the police takes her away from her father or “save her” from that life.

Why was Sophie cursed? Why did her father keep her hidden away? Those and other questions are answered in the story in such a slow way that I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I think that in her effort to hold the mystery throughout the book, Stanley just dragged it. It was exasperating the way things were left in the air. At times, I felt it was just writing to fill the quota of pages needed to publish the book (a short story would’ve been better).

Along with Sophie’s story is the story of how she came to be. I found this background telling a lot more interesting that the actual one. I have no idea how the book ends because at 53% I just wasn’t interested in finding out.

You’ll like this book it you like stories about extremely innocent and outstandingly beautiful girls with no initiative surrounded by light mystery.

But as with every blogger (I hope) this is just my opinion and taste. Here is a reviewer who found the book great.


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Oh, wow, I've been hearing lots of good things about THE COLOR OF SNOW, so it's quite refreshing to see something negative, haha. I don't like slow books myself, so I can understand why you gave up on this one.

    Thanks for the honest review! :)