Monday, July 23, 2012

The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman

Read the synopsis on Goodreads.

"Beauty - and the grace and confidence that nature it - requires money."

At 3% I was already in love with the "razor-sharp wit" of the characters. This is the kind of language and characters that I like and, when I find them, I just don't want to the book to end.

Amongst so many zombies and dystopian novel the Book of Blood and Shadow is a gulp of fresh air.

In search of a book and decoding an ancient manuscript, Nora's best friend is killed and her boyfriend disappeared. Like 'da Vinci Code' style Nora goes in search of her boyfriend following a trail of blood, codes, conspiracies and mysteries.

Wasserman used long sentences that remind me of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s writing style
and she absolutely pulled it off.

What I liked:
- Nora's love interest is not the hottest guy in the school.

- There is NOT love a first sight.

- The dialogue/language is very much "Buffy: the vampire slayer" style. I could imagine Cornelia and Xander playing out some of the characters in the book.

What I didn't like: hmmm, I pretty much liked the entire book so...nothing to write here!

In short, I just LOVED this book and I think it is "The da Vinci Code" of YA.

Who didn't like this book: As always, I link to different reviewers so you can read a different opinion. Here are the links of reviews who didn't find this book "all that"