Saturday, July 21, 2012

STGRB and freedom of speech

So these bunch of guys made this Website to stop what they denominate "bullies" (aka: bloggers who gives 1 star or bad review to a book) on

Well, first, thank you for the free publicity (for those who have been targeted on their site).

Secondly, isn’t the US a free country with freedom of speech. This is not, say, Iraq or Cuba. I know that authors go through a lot to write a book and that it takes a brilliant mind to knit a story from start to end BUT, if I didn’t like a book, I also have the right and freedom to say so.

Third, where would we be if we LIKED every single book out there? Do you like all the movies you watch? Do you buy all the shoes you see?

Some bloggers have received phone calls of angry people over their bad reviews. My God! That just reminds of Mexico where fans attack actors on the street when they play the villain a little too well.

Lastly, here and here are a few links of what other bloggers have to say about it. I say, let’s just collectively ignore them… (and why do bloggers put their real info out there?).

The End :-)


  1. You're right! I don't see what's wrong with low rating reviews. It's honest opinion. You can either read of the opinion or ignore it.