Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ravenous (The Ravening Series Book 1) by Erica Stevens

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If you liked that 2010 short-lived television series “V,” you’ll like ravenous.

Aliens come to earth on peace terms sharing their technology and medical advances with us. People are forever grateful to them…
But then things change and Bethany, her brother, Bret (her boyfriend), and drop-dead-gorgeous Cade are running for their lives.

I was pretty much into the beginning of the story and by the third chapter I thought I had found my greatest next book out there. But then something happened that turned it kind into one of those ‘been there, read that’ book.

#1.- Bethany is beautiful but doesn’t know it.
#2.- Even a more beautiful girl gets in the picture, Jenna, whom Bethany thinks is all she is not.
#3.- Bethany has a boyfriend who loves her ‘unconditionally’ and ‘faithfully.’
#4.- Cade is the boy we all want to date. He also doesn’t speak; other than to say “shhhh Beth,” “run Bethany,” and “it will be okay, I promise you” he doesn’t say much.

I did like a few things, though:
#1.- Bethany is strong, but not because she was born that way but because she knows she has to be.
#2.- Bethany reckons that thinking about love and desire should not be the main focus, at present.
#3.- She made me wish I was kissing too (Cade, or anybody).

The book ends with an interesting twist that might just make you look forward to the next book.


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