Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent #1) by Barry Lyga

Read the synopsis on Goodreads.
Warning: this review has a little bit of spoiler at the end. That said, I love books about serial killers; therefore I had to read this one.

Not much is given in the synopsis but that Jasper is the son of the world’s most notorious serial killer. That is enough to make you think that he grows up to be like his father. Does he? Well, this is only the first book so there are two more to find out.
I Hunt Killers has the right amount of morbid details and dead bodies appropriate for YA with enough mystery and action like a thriller book for adults.

The reason
I did not give it five stars is because I had the killer’s identity figured out from the beginning. Also, despite being a great story I didn’t click with the book. Something was left out there for me that didn’t make me go gaga about the story despite my (sick?) taste for this type of stories.

I liked the dark humor and lack of self-pity; and also Jasper’s friend Howie who is hemophilic and “bleeds if you look hard at him.”

I did not like the persistence (of both father and the Impressionist) to turn Jasper into a serial killer too. I didn’t like the way Jasper’s father broke out of a high security prison. O better said the lack of details of it. It would have been very interesting reading how this master-photographic-memory-mind freed himself. But perhaps that is cover in the next book?

As always, I tried to look for reviewers who gave it one star but found none! So it seems that we bloggers, unanimously agree that I Hunt Killers is a good read.


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    This sounds like a great book! I've seen it around before, but never thought to pick it up. It's too bad that you already figured out who the criminal was, though--that always spoils the fun in books. :/

    Thanks for the honest review!

  2. It was an ok book. I don't no if I will follow this series. Too brutal for me. I do admire how's strong jazz is. I like him even...