Thursday, July 12, 2012

Empty Chairs by Stacey Danson

This book is not for the faint of heart. I was taken aback since the very third paragraph. I have read a couple of books on this topic but never felt what I felt while reading this book. I was enraged and not sure at whom (Gwen or the perverts?).

If you can stomach reading about a 5-year old girl being abused (from all sides and forms) then by all means read the book. But if the very thought of child molestation infuriates and disgusts you, then just don’t. I literally had to read most sentences thrice to make sure that what I was reading was actually written. “He burnt the inside of my vagina with a cigarette butt…” Yes, that is what’s going on in this story. The language is real, without the euphemisms of words, and sometimes cruel.
At age 11 she ran away and lived on the streets. How does an 11-year old girl survive on her own? Well, read the book. This book reminds of “Living dead girl” as regards the degradation of a young soul, however Danson’s story is real and Scott’s is fictional. Some Amazon reviewers gave one star to the book because “it has not ending.” Well, it does have an ending; I just don’t know how you missed it. If you are reading a book and all it has is about 10 pages left to end…, I think that is a pretty good indicator that the story is about to finish, and soon. It didn’t finish the way you expected? Well, that it’s a different story. But that is salvaged with “Faint Echoes of Laughter” Danson’s second book. Readers wanted to know what happened to Gwen and her friends and how she kept on. The answer is here.