Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dearly, Departed: a zombie novel by Lia Habel

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Over all, the story is catchy, as in a human falling in love with a living dead other than a vampire! Plus Habel sets Victorian customs in the year of 2195 which was by itself really cool. Nora, who couldn’t show as little as her ankles, was reading a letter on an electronic device!

But, do you know when love and hate collide? That is what happened to me with this book. I really liked Bram and the love/romance going on amongst the zombies themselves. And I also enjoyed the humor of the undead. My hate began, though, when different voices were introduced into the story.

There are five (did I count right?) voices narrating the story (POVs). I think it would’ve been enough with Nora and Bram. Therefore, I totally skipped Pam's narration! I got bored with so many things going on. And to top it up, there is also the voice of Wolfie...

I feel that there were just too many voices in the story which caused me to lose interest. Just when I started enjoying what was going on with Bram, the story switched to a different voice.

But I suggest you give it a try and, if you don’t get lost in the switch of voices, you will really enjoy the love story. Did I mention that I fell for Bram, already? Yeah! This is my first zombie-love!