Saturday, July 7, 2012

The children and the wolves by Adam Rapp

Synopsis (from Goodreads): Three teenagers - a sharp, well-to-do girl named Bounce and two struggling boys named Wiggins and Orange - are holding a four-yearold girl hostage in Orange's basement. The little girl answers to "the Frog" and seems content to play a video game about wolves all day long, a game that parallels the reality around her. As the stakes grow higher and the guilt and tension mount, Wiggins cracks and finally brings Frog to a trusted adult. IN MY OWN WORDS Told in the voices of the three main characters, Rapp speaks the minds of “Bounce,” a smart but spoiled rich (and bored) girl and her two “monkeys” – low class nobodies who follow her and do whatever Bounces says. Just because, Bounces decides to kidnap a little girl – Frog, and make money from it. She also feels like killing a poet who visits her class and pisses her off. Needles to say, her two friends are in just because they have nothing better to do.

The book is at some point scary and made stop to think about the repercussions of either having too much money, or having nothing at all. Because the book is short, Rapp really didn’t get into deep details about the characters, however, they are developed well enough for you to understand them and get a sense of what their lives is like. The dialogue and scenes are engaging and I finished the book in three hours. The end is not exactly what I expected. As with all books you see some kind of redemption coming on but this wasn't what I had in mind. I hate when books leave me hanging like that! But I guess that is part of what makes a good book. "The children and the wolves" is an easy read that, I not only enjoyed, but like "Living dead girl", will stay in my mind forever.